Stand up Paddle Boarding in the Garden Route

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports for a reason.  Ride a wave, cruise a lagoon, explore a river or join a down-winder on a Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUPing) adventure in the Garden Route. Stand Up Paddle Surfing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the latest craze that is taking the world by storm. Join in the surfing lifestyle and discover how much fun it is too play in the waters of the Garden Route. Our operator offer skilled guides and the latest equipment so all you need to bring is your zest for an adventure. There is nothing like paddling on a lake, river or ocean and be able to see up ahead, spot the fish and ocean life below or get showered by the spray of a majestic waterfall. At the same time, SUPing is also very good for balance and core exercise. Our boards are big, stable and very forgiving. They are also easy for even beginners to master in no time.

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Get on board!

With its variety of beaches and gentle waves, Plettenberg Bay offers beginner and intermediate surfers a fantastic opportunity to try this fantastic sport. The idea of stand up paddling is to remain standing on the paddleboard while you propel yourself though the water with a paddle. It is easier than you might imagine – the board is thicker, wider and longer than a surfboard and specifically designed with stability in mind to handle flat or choppy water and even waves and white water. SUP is a fun, exciting and unique way to experience a river, lake or bay with a great all-over body workout thrown in for free! One of the best SUP locations near J-bay is the Kabeljauws River and after a little tuition from our expert SUP instructor you will be manoeuvring along the river admiring the spectacular scenery.

[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel names=”” subtitles=”” tbackgroundcolor=”#f68745″ ttextcolor=”#ffffff” tnumber=”1″ autoplay=”on”]I thought I would not be able to keep my balance on the board but Roche helped us so much! Thank you for all your guidance!

Wow! What a great ride! We could npt get enough of the sun and the boards!

We had so much fun on this trip!!! A family must try!! Almost like team building!!![/cq_vc_testimonialcarousel]

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[TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table seperator_1=”” style=”4″ plan=”Lesson” cost=”R350″ per=”/ lesson” seperator_2=””]Stand up paddle boarding lessons[/TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table]
[TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table seperator_1=”” style=”4″ plan=”Rental” cost=”R250″ per=”/ hour” seperator_2=””]Stand up paddle board rentals[/TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table]
[TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table seperator_1=”” style=”4″ plan=”Outing ” cost=”R400″ per=”/ outing” seperator_2=””]Stand up paddle boarding outing with guide.[/TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table]

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