Canyoning in the Garden Route

Come and join us on one of the most epic canyoning trips inside the heart of the Garden route. This epic day out includes a 4×4 trip to the canyon, hiking, swimming and 4 technical abseils down raging waterfalls and of course some cliff jumps thrown into the mix. You will also pass through a 100m deep canyon which is only a metre wide in some places. This is canyoning at its best.

There is a lot of confusion amongst foreigners when it comes to Canyoning and Kloofing and the difference between these adventure activities. Kloofing is the South African Afrikaans word used to describe what many overseas tourists know as Canyoning, but one of the main differences between the two is the fact that Kloofing is a less extreme version of Canyoning. With Kloofing you will only descend down a river course by swimming through the pools, climbing over boulders and do some optional cliff jumping. The watercourse may be dry or wet.

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What you get:

  • Pickup at a set meeting place, office, home, backpackers, guest-house etc.
  • 4×4 trip through lush indigenous and pine forest
  • All equipment, including personal safety equipment like flotation device, helmet, harness and wetsuits
  • First aid kit
  • Highly qualified guide
  • Highly qualified medic registered with HPCSA
  • Free go pro footage of the day
  • Free craft beer and lunch to end off an epic day of true adventure

Why you pay more with Fearless Adventures:

  • Lunch included
  • Medic included

What you need:

  1. Camera,waterproof
  2. Clothing and bathing costumes\boardshorts
  3. Something warm
  4. Towels
  5. Sunscreen and hat
  6. Shoes that can get wet

[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel names=”” subtitles=”” tbackgroundcolor=”#f68745″ ttextcolor=”#ffffff” tnumber=”1″ autoplay=”on”]I decided to joined a group going on the adrenaline canyoning excursion at the last minute, after overhearing a briefing session while I was eating breakfast at my backpackers. Amazing decision!

What a fantastic time. Awesome views and great nature feel. Perfect quality time. Thank you so much.

The best adventure in our travel . Roche was great!!! We recommend on this adventure. Thanks!!!!!![/cq_vc_testimonialcarousel]

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[TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table seperator_1=”” style=”4″ plan=”” cost=”R800″ per=”/ pp” seperator_2=””]Free transport to and from activity. All equipment, including wetsuits free go pro footage![/TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table]

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